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Sick Like You


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I found salvation, in depravation, A sick, sad fool in a straight up nation, One day, I'll escape, Until then I'll have to wait, Drenched in self-deprecation, I found solace in degradation, I don't know how I got here, But this is gonna cost me dear, Your hands are cold, your nails are sharp, And your bite is just as bad as your bark, I feel your hand grip around my throat, I scream stop but I pray that you wont, I've found the dark, I've lost my way, I kinda like it, think I'm gonna stay, Maybe I'm just sick like you x2 Maybe I'm just sick like you, na na na na na na na x2 Feel it picking, feel it scratching, Feel time ticking away, you're not reacting, Feel it gripping, feel it slipping, You've lost control again you can't get it back, Can't help but staring, at what you're wearing, You should beware me 'cos I'm not holding back, Just wanna touch you, just wanna taste, Just wanna fuck you and then I will replace you, With another, so called lover, I will just use you up and I will waste you, I can't be trusted, my morals rusted, Nothing suffices nothing fills the void, I'm digging deeper, I will mislead ya, This thing inside of me can't be destroyed, Maybe I'm just sick like you x2 Maybe I'm just sick like you, na na na na na na na x2 Maybe I'm just sick like you, maybe, maybe...
Foul, Putrid, Filth, Disease, Sour, Hatred, Guilt, And greed, Every step you take, they're watching, Every breath you make could be your last, Every day this world you live in, Chews you up, digests you then shits you out, Leaving only hate and anger, turning all the sweet to sour, Sick, Twisted, Fucked, Bleed, Shit, Stupid, Dumb, A freak


Debut release by London/LA based Industrial band, DROWND. A solid, atmospheric, provocative alt-rock track that underscores the band’s harsh and transgressive sound and diverse musicianship and includes remixes by Seething Akira and The Joy Thieves’.

DROWND comprises of front man Joe Crudgington, with the live band including lifetime friend Paul Traveller on Drums, Matt Sutton on bass guitar, Tom Hancock on lead guitar and Sophia Doe on rhythm guitar, with Jon Easthope adding extra percussion and electronics.

DROWND personally produce, perform, and passionately conjure up dark alternative industrial sounds that are accompanied by strong visual concepts.


released April 12, 2019

Written, recorded, mixed and produced by Joe Crudgington

All instruments : Joe Crudgington

Vocals : Joe Crudgington

Post Production, Mix and Mastering : J.K.Seifert @ Epic Audio Media

Special thanks to Claire Coulton at Satellite 414, Giles Moorhouse and Jules Seifert at Armalyte/Epic Audio Media, Dan Milligan (The Joy Thieves) and Charlie Bowes (Seething Akira)


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